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Important questions to WICE - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You'll find here the WICE-FAQ, answers to frequently asked questions about WICE Cloud Based CRM

General Questions

What is WICE Cloud Based CRM?

WICE Cloud Based CRM is a web based CRM solution for managing customer relationships (CRM = Customer Relationship Management).

What distinguishes WICE Cloud Based CRM from other CRM systems?

WICE Cloud Based CRM is controlled completely via the web browser. This makes the system available to all Internet-enabled systems. WICE Cloud Based CRM is a completely integrated solution. Unlike other CRM systems WICE Cloud Based CRM can manage all customer relationships from the first contact through the bid phase through to order processing, together with invoices, open items and payments. WICE is simultaneously also a cloud based groupware where the external and internal communications can be managed. Whether those are e-mails, letters, faxes, phone calls, or internal Communications all are managed in the system.

WICE Cloud Based CRM is a web-based software. What does this mean?

The system is entirely browser based(Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.). On the user's computer no additional software is required. All data is centrally stored on the WICE server. Error-prone synchronization does not occur.

Can WICE Cloud Based CRM be used offline?

No. WICE Cloud Based CRM requires an Internet connection. The data is always retrieve via the user's web browser over the Internet. This guarantees the systems platform independency and an error-prone synchronization of data is not necessary.

On which browsers and platforms is WICE Cloud Based CRM available?

WICE Cloud Based CRM is platform independent and can be controlled via any modern web browser Whether Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Chrome. This makes WICE Cloud Based CRM also available on any operating system on which one of these browsers are installed.

Is there a limit on the memory space/amount of data

No, there is no limit for the memory space available or the amount of data that the WICE database can handle.

Can WICE Cloud Based CRM be used on the iPad?

Yes, WICE Cloud Based CRM runs on the web browser of the iPad. A native iPad app is not necessary.

Is there an iPhone app?

Yes, for WICE Cloud Based CRM, there is a free iPhone app available in the App Store from Apple.

Can I use WICE on Android-based-, BlackBerry`s or other smartphones?

WICE Cloud Based CRM can be accessed directly via the browser of these phones. But there is also a specially adapted Browser interface (WICE Mobile 2) which can be used to access addresses, contacts, appointments etc. more easily and with more comfort.

Since when is WICE Cloud Based CRM on the market?

WICE Cloud Based CRM's (formerly WICE CRM groupware) has existed since 2001 and is among the best CRM systems on the market. Several awards as e.g. the CRM Best Practice Award, where WICE-customer projects have been honored three times, but also the positive reviews by customers on Benchpark.com and the outstanding test results of the CRM certification by Schwetz Consulting show our long lasting expertise.

In which languages ​​is WICE Cloud Based CRM available?

The user interface of the system is available in English and German. Each user can choose the language in their profile settings.

Which currencies can WICE handle?

The system can deal with any currency. The system is multi-currency capable, meaning it can work with multiple currencies or just one default currency.

I get logged out from time to time for now apparent reason - what can I do?

On of the security mechanism in WICE that prevents session high jacking monitors each users ip address when logging in. So with every query you sent the ip address will be checked and if your ip address has changed you will be logged out. Normally this should not happen - but maybe your internet connection has been re-initialized. To avoid this and find a solution please contact you IT department or contact your provider.

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