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Dashboard of Wice CRM

The first contact with Wice CRM: The first ten steps as a new user

If you are working with Wice CRM for the first time, you should read the chapter getting started. Learn how to set up the system, import your addresses, and add other users: Your first ten steps as a new User

Features of Wice CRM

The Log-in screen

Your daily start up when working with Wice - important tips and instructions how you can log into your client: Login screen

The home screen / dashboard.

The home screen or dashboard is your personal Command Center in your day-to-day work with Wice. Here you can access all the information at a glance with fast direct access to all the relevant information in your daily work. If in need of an overview of the latest figures from the sales module or of course direct access to your to-do list. Learn more about the other features at hand in your Dashboard by clicking here: Dashboard


The heart of Wice is the central address database for a systematic and continuous management of your existing customers and winning new customers. Unlike traditional CRM/Groupware solutions not only sales leads or the single contact or appointments are in the focus of Wice CRM, but the addresses of your customers, prospects, or partner are our and should also be in your center of interest. Attached to these you will find all notes, documents, tickets, projects, current account data, invoices, documents, etc. that you have associated with the address. Learn more here: Addresses


One of the outstanding features of Wice is the universal ticket management module including all sales, marketing and service processes of your company.

To learn more about all the available features click here: Tickets

Within the ticket management are many tasks and functions integrated and holistically mapped, where normally different software solutions are needed:

Contact management

Creating reminders for yourself or other employees, receive notifications, when a responsibility within the ticket changes or you need to renew a contact with existing customers or prospects - you and all other members of your team know at all times what has been done here already or still needs to be done.

Screenshot Workflow Wice CRM

Workflow management

With the built-in workflow manager, you can standardize your processes according to your needs and automate them. Wice optimizes your processes, making them controllable and evaluable. Your company will be more powerful and flexible using this feature: WICE Workflow management

Opportunity management

What is the actual situation in your sales department? What revenues can you expect in the current month or the current quarter? How good is your sales funnel filled? How have the selected target groups proven themselves for your campaigns or was the expected success hardly measurable? Or do you want to gain an overview of your open items and latest received payments? Where must the sales manager intervene again so that a planned sales can be succesfully reached as quickly as possible? The sales module provides you with all of this information and the corresponding numbers.

Find out more here: Sales

Order processing

Here you will find all information about processing your orders with WICE - right from the beginning with the creation of an offer until the generation of the final invoice. For more information click here: Order processing

Office integration

Wice CRM offers an excellent Office integration. You can create letters, faxes and more arbitrary documents with Wice directly from a ticket by using previously stored document templates. These documents can then locally be opened and edited with your Office application or sent or faxed directly from WICE.

WICE supports the .rtf (rich text format) and .odt (open document text) formats to manage these templates.


With the features inside the appointments module of Wice CRM, it is easily possible to manage your own appointments and the appointments of your colleagues or partners. For all further informations on this module please look here: Calendar


Wice CRM offers you a simple but effective way to manage your internal and external projects. Projects include in contrast to tickets planned tasks. While tickets in WICE consist of action and reaction, which are represented by ticket notes with or without a hold-file, a project consists of tasks, which in contrast to actions can be assigned to multiple employees to do the editing or processing. Projects can be defined in a clear time frame, i.e. have a start and end date, while tickets theoretically can last infinitely. Plan, coordinate and capture the tasks fullfilled and redirect appropriate revenues to the accounting. All this offers the Wice Projects module - find out more here: Projects


Wice CRM allows you from the varied and freely customizable options to assign categories to the addresses, contact persons and tickets to create your address lists out of this selection very quickly and easily. Using this address lists you can generate your printed mailings or emailings in a few steps. The shipping of your printed mailings as a fax or letter can be performed optional paperless through our partner The follow up campaign of these mailings is also completely integrated , so you can also immediately see the status of the processing for each address included. All of the information around these functions, you can find here: Campaigns


To orderly manage and find informations of any kind, Wice offers the K-base (Knowledge-Base) module, which offers all possibilities to store your document templates, datasheets or additional information about your company that needs to accesses by your employees. Of course, it is again possible to protect the information from unauthorized access with a flexible rights management. Find out more about how to usethese features here: K-Base


Wice can be used to manage proprietary resources. Regardless if it´s the available meeting rooms and their facilities such as projectors, laptops or other equipment. You can book them either together with you appointments or as a standalone reservation. Find out how here: Resources


Within the CommCenter of Wice CRM all necessary communication tools like your integrated email client, the fax Inbox where you can access directly your incoming faxes when using the plugin and assign them to the relevant addresses or tickets, as well as the WICE messaging function and chat features, and discussion boards. Here in the CommCenter converge all forms of communications: WICE CommCenter


In your profile you can make settings to help you with your daily work with Wice. In addition, you define your personal information, which are reflected and also accessible for other users in the address module in the employee section. You can also manage your password and make more setting for your email account. We recommend you to visit your Profile right away when first entering WICE and enter or add your specific data and settings: Profile


Wice CRM is set up via an integrated administration interface. Here, you can set up an define user groups, users, categories and filters any many things more. You can also configure your available plugins in the administration. In order to access the administration of Wice CRM, you must be granted the necessary user rights. This is assigned as a special option in the rights management which can be given separately for each user. To get an idea about the features and capabilities of the Administration, you find all the information here: WICE-Administration

Wice plugins

Wice CRM can be extended with plugins offered by the Wice GmbH. From the Contact form Plugin or advanced statistcs in the Chart & Report Manager Plugin up to a well-engineered Online-Shop System, we offer powerful plugins for various demands: WICE-Plugins

Wice in-house

This section provides answers to questions about the Wice in-house operation on your own or leased hardware: WICE-Inhouse solution

WICE tips & tricks

How you can ideally work together with Wice CRM and your browser, we will tell you here in our collection to the most useful tips & tricks: WICE tips & tricks


Our excessive collection, sorted by all modules and topics, delivering a faster answer to your most frequently asked questions: FAQ (English)