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WICE tips & tricks

In this section you find useful tips & tricks for your daily work with WICE and the browser of your choice - have fun browsing through them and trying them out!

Working with the context menu in multiple browser Windows/tabs

Via the context menu you get when working with WICE cloud based CRM, in particular when you click on buttons and links more helpful editing options. If you cklick on them with the right mouse button instead of the left your browser opens the context menu immediately. From WICE x 5 onward you can open all the main menu items automatically with one click with the right mouse button in a new window/tab.

Screenshot: Address list with the context menu of the browser

You can open the address detail view in a new window, or depending on the browser, in a new tab without leaving the previous view, also for example to a simple access to storing data or printing the contents of a page.

Smile orange.png

For Mac users: you must hold down the "cmd" key and then click on the desired link to open the link in a new window/tab

The context menu is available in almost all areas of WICE when you click on buttons or links with the right mouse button. So can work in multiple Windows at the same time without having to click on the "back" button.

You therefore have a much better overview and also save plenty of time.

Option to open an additional window in the WICE menu bar

Using the function "New window" you can open new windows in WICE cloud based CRM, where you can work as well as in the original window.

Screenshot: Function to open an additional window in the menu bar

While working in the 1st window for example in the module "Addresses" you can open further windows with other modules and entries of WICE, making the work easier and more effective jumping back and forth without closing or altering the original screen.

Recover any form content in WICE - Firefox Add-On Lazarus

You know this situation: you write a long email or write a longer note in a ticket and a phone call or similar action comes in between and you accidentally close the window. All contents of the previously designed email or content are lost and can also not be generally recovered. With the help of a very useful free Add-On in Firefox, you can avoid this annoying situation now.

You can restore any content of your forms completely depending on the personal settings in the plugin, optionally even several days later, after the installation of the Lazarus plugin in Firefox. Also cached content can be stored encrypted in the Add-On.

Install the plugin directly in your browser under Tools->Add-ons in the search box type "Lazarus" and follow the instructions of the installation manager of Firefox. After the successful installation the recovery function for texts and form contents is then available in the context menu of the browser at any time.

Lazarus beispiel.png
Screenshot: Context menu of the browser with installed Lazarus add-on

The WICE GmbH cannot assume any guarantee for the function of the add-on - the author of the add-on appreciates your donations to the maintenance and further development of the Add-on.

Working with the Firefox browser history feature

Has that ever happened you? You had opened several WICE windows in the browser and have closed the original window with the menu bar mistakenly or accidentally. How do you get back again to this windows without having to WICE completely signing out and logging in again? Firefox can also help you here with the integrated chronic of the Web pages you visit. In the menu bar of the browser, click history, and then click on the recently closed tabs.

Screenshot: Options to restore closed tabs in the history of Firefox

Here you can now see in the list which tabs or windows you closed and choose individually - or for all tabs together - to restore them.

Using the integrated spell checking in Firefox

Another integrated useful feature of Firefox is the possibilty to check all the content you enter in forms in WICE, such as your emails or notes with the spell-checker. It can also be used with a large variety of foreign languages, depending on the installed dictionaries offered by Firefox. To use this feature you must uniquely enable the spell checker/thesaurus and install the required dictionaries. For these changes to take effect it may be a necessary to perform a restart of your browser.

While writing an Email in WICE simply click on the screen with the right mouse button in the input field to the email text and in the context menu you can then select the "Check spelling". Now you must select the desired dictionary if necessary in the respective languages and these will then be installed. You can install more dictionaries at any time later if needed.

After the successful installation you can now permanently enable the spell checker by switching it on in the context menu. Any incorrect input or not well-known phrases of words are underlined with a wavy, red line and you can examine them by clicking on them with the right mouse button and accept suggestions for the correct spelling.

Screenshot: Using the integrated spell checker in Firefox