User replacement

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User replacement

It often happens that you want to use a user license for other purposes, for example, when employees leave your company. We explain here step by step how to rename an existing user and let a new employee take over it`s tasks.

Creating a new employee

First go to the address module and switch to the employee section by choosing "Employees" from the first pull down menu. Now click "New entry" and in the following screen enter the contact data of the new employee.

Screenshot: Create a new employee address

If you click on Save you will see your new employee address.

Screenshot: Detail view of the new employee address

You can now link this address with the renamed user.

Renaming an existing user

Now go to the administration module and type in the field "Edit use" the user name you want to rename and click then click on "Go".

Screenshot: Selection of the edited user account

Now enter the changes you want tp perform in the input mask.

Screenshot: Mask to edit an existing user

After entering the new user name and changing the password, you must select the employee specified in the previous step in the "Employee" pull down menu ".

Then select the desired user group(s) and click on Save.

In the main view of the administration module a message about the success of your input appears in the upper pane. The new user can now log in.

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You can very easily and comfortably assign all tickets, hold files and appointments of a former employee to a new employee by using our optional plugin "MA-Austausch" - please contact us for more information.