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In the module calendar, you have the possibility to manage your appoinments for yourself and together with your your colleagues. Depending on the selection, you will see the appointments in a daily, weekly, monthly or 3-month view for all or only selected employees. All employees have access to the same calendar while you can restrict this access to purely private appointments or grant access to specific appointments only to certain user groups who have the necessary user rights.

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In your Profile`s settings you can preselect your default appointment filter and default calendar type to be displayed when opening the calendar module!

Creating appointments

To create a new appointment, click on the corresponding digit of the date in the calendar. Now WICE opens the input mask for a new appointment.

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Screenshot: Entry mask for a new appointment

In the "Title" field, type the title of the appointment. This appears in the calendar view. In the adjacent selection list, select the category of the event. The input field "Date" was added automatically. You can change this manually, or click the calendar and select another day from the calendar. In the "Time" field, enter beginning and end of the appointment. Alternatively, you can mark the date or the date series as a full-time appointment (from 7 am 11 pm). If you activate the checkbox, automatically hides the selection fields for the time and are only available, if you clear the check box.

You can describe in detail the date in the input field "Description". Now select the participating employees from the list. You can invite also all groups at this time. To do this, you select a group from the list of "Participating groups".

Termin neu2.png
Screenshot: Entry mask for appointments

In the input field "Additional participants", you can enter additional participants. If you want to notify other people by E-mail about this appointment, you can enter the email addresses in the input field "Additional notifications". Each email address must be separated by a comma. In the input field "Location" you can manually enter the location of the event, so for example if the appointment takes place at your office or at the location of your customers.

If you want to link this appointment with a project from the "Projects" module, select the project from the list of "Project".

To be linked with this date resources from the "Resources" module, so select them from the list.

In the input field "Owner of this entry", you can set the Group of users who should have access to this date. Depending on the configuration of your WICE system, only the members of the selected groups refer to this date.

Would you like to notify the participants of this appointment not by mail, so please select the check box.


Please note that if you have chosen this option none of the participants receives a notification about this appointment by email!

If you want to enable a notification alarm for this appointment, please select the alarm time and activate the check box. In the adjacent drop-down menu, you can choose the standard between a notification message pop-up or email. Optionally, it is possible if you use the plugin, instead of a notification by E-mail to send a (premium) SMS to the mobile phone number that is stored in your profile and the profiles of all the participants, to leave.

Should the date be not readable for other users, enable the check box. In the calendar, then only the user name as the date will be shown.

If an address is associated with this appointment, enter the first few letters of the company name and then click on the desired company name in the given search results. The search results are automatically restricted in accordance with the results in your address database, the more detailed you enter the company name here. Should the selected company not be listed in the results, check the spelling! The same applies to the contact person who should be selected as a contact for this date at this address.

If it is a recurring appointment, select the corresponding checkbox. After saving the appointment you will be prompted to enter the date interval(s) in the following mask.

Termin serie.png
Screenshot: Mask for the adjustment of parameters for recurring appointments

Please enter the first and last appearance of the appointment. Please keep in mind that the date of the first and of the last show cannot be the same, otherwise the date is not being applied. Now, select the type of repetition. Press to save your entries and your date will be transferred into the calendar. Should this occur to collisions with another appointment, you are informed about the WICE system. Change then the appointment, to heal the collision.

Editing appointments

In the appointment overview, click on an existing appointment. You will now see the details of this appointment, such as the participants, theloacation etc. To edit the appointment click on the EDIT button. A new window displaying the mask to edit an appointment appears.


Please note that you can only edit or delete appointments if you have the necessary rights to do so. Otherwise this option is not displayed

Editing reccurring appointment

When you edit or delete an entry that was create as a part of a reccurring appointment the edit mask also displays the option to save your changes only for the single appointment or for the whole series.

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When editing a single appointment of a series of recurring dates the optional notification email will refer to the date of the first appointment of the reccuring occurences! To avoid any misunderstandings with the recipients of the notification we advise you to rather delete the single appointment from the series and create a new appointment for the single date that had to changed because then the notification will be distinct.

Delete appointments

If you do want to delete an appointment, click on the trash bin icon. You will receive a confirmation prompt. If you want to permanently delete the date, then click OK. The date is now deleted. If there is an appointment, is the part of a time series, so the following pop up is displayed:

Screenshot: Dialog for deleting of single dates/recurring appointments

You can now select whether the whole date range or only the selected schedule entry or all dates of this series in a determine time period should be deleted. To do so, you must activate the check box and enter the period in the date fields, or click the desired button. Your changes are then taken over or deleted the / the date (s).


Keep in mind that you can not undo any deletions!

Exporting appointments

Individual appointments can be exported to the VCal or ICal format to your local calendar management software. This is only possible, if the VCal plugin or the ICal plugin is installed in your WICE client and your user group has the required privileges. Only then the VCal/ICal icon is displayed for the selected date. By clicking on it, it opens a dialog which allows you to decide how the appointment file in the format depending on the operating system setting for .vcs /.ics files:

Termine vcs.png
Screenshot: Dialog for opening and saving the exported appointment file in the vcs/ics format

Typically, you can select whether the file should be stored locally on your hard drive or directly added in the desired or with the file format.vcs/.ics associated application.

Visiting reports

You will see here an overview of all generated visiting reports for appointments that were created from tickets notes.

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