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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to address management

Find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) to the address range of WICE Cloud Based CRM.

Which addresses can be managed?

WICE Cloud Based CRM can manage all types of addresses. WICE differentiates between company addresses, contact persons with or without beeing assigned to a company, your employees addresses and private addresses.

How many addresses can be stored

There is no limitation on the number of addresses that can be stored. We have over 100,000 customers with addresses in the system.

Can multiple contacts / contacts can be stored per company?

Yes, it can be stored as many contacts per company addresses.

How addresses can be imported into the system?

Addresses are imported most comfortable on Excel spreadsheets. In the first row of the spreadsheet only the columns needed for the WICE conventions are named. This is pretty self-explanatory (eg address_company.name for the company name).

Is there an explanation of the fields for the address import?

Yes, on the declaration page of the address import the fields are explained.

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How can addresses be exported?

Individual addresses can be exported directly in the vCard format. Address lists can be exported in the CSV format (text) or as an Excel file.

How are address duplicates avoided?

There is a duplicate check automaticly performed when you add new addresses manually or within the Excel import. For an extensive cleanup of the address database we offer an optional plugin named the "Duplicate Killer" - a tool for the consolidation of your WICE address database.

How can I categorize my addresses?

The addresses are segmented in WICE Cloud Based CRM by four individual address categories. Up to four of these categoriws can be used for each addresse type as company addresses, contact persons and employee adresses. These categories can be used for specific searches, or to create mailing lists used for marketing campaigns.

Can I set up more than four address category levels?

No. There are only up to four individual address categories for each adress type. Our experience over the years combined with the demands of our customers has cleary shown that this is sufficient. Please also bear in ming that the system needs to be operated by human beeings. A substantial increase in the input masks and fields leaves more rooms for individual errors and reduces the acceptance within your employees.

How should the address categories be set up to make sense?

You can (but need not) set up to four categories for each address type with an unlimited number of entries in each category. Orientate yourself to the idea "from the general to the special." So, for example, Address-Category 1 includes = "customers, prospects, partners" - Category 2 = "hardware, software, services" - Category 3 = "A - Very important B - Important C - Less Important", etc.

Is The number of categories within a address category limited?

No you can add an unlimited number of entries to any address category.

Can I assign more than one entry to an address for an address category?

Yes, each address can have multiple entries within one category. An address can be e.g. selected as a "Customer" and a "Partner" within the same category.

Can I change or add any categorie entrys?

Yes, the categories can be changed/edited or added at any time. The changes need to be made by a user with acceess to the WICE Administration.

What happens when I delete categorie entrys?

When categorie entry's are deleted, they are no longer available for segmentation or search purposes. Only when your WICE administrator deletes category entries while activating the option "Delete data within this category" also all addresses that are assigned to this category will be deleted.

Can I assign new categories to addresses?

Yes, this happens at the category assignment option in the "campaigns" module. Here you can create an address list and allocated a new or existing address category to all addresses in your list. This only works with company addresses.

Is it possible to display relations between addresses?

Addresses can be linked with one another to display their relationship as for example that one address is a customer of the other. The relationships are also automatically presented graphically.

Can I set access rights for addresses to specific users?

Yes, this is done via the user groups and the rights management. Any address has an owner which determines in combination with the group rights who can access or edit/erase an address.

I can`t find a specific address no longer, but I know that they must be still in the system. What is the reason?

In most cases this is due to the group rights that control the access rights of all the addresses. Each address has one or more "owners of this entry". Here the user groups are defined, that are allowed access to that address. If an address is assigned to a user group, which you are not a member of or do not have reading permission, then you can`t usually access this address.

Can I assign user righst to adresses while importing them?

Yes, the settings that you have selected in the module "Profile" under "Address input default groups" are set as the owner of the entry when you perform an import.

Why do not I see all user groups while editing an address?

You will always only see the user groups in which you are a member.

Is there such thing as a "trash bin" for deleted addresses?

Yes, you can set up an address category as wastebasket or trash category in the administration in the "Default Filters" menu.

Can I retrieve deleted addresses?

Yes. Either you´ll have to check in your trash category. To remove an address from the trash just edit it an change ths category settings for the adress category 1 and deselect the trash. Alternatively, your WICE administrator can have look in the administration within the history of changes menu and undelete the address there.