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Logging in is very simple!

Via this login you can login to your day-to-day work in your WICE client. You will have the address (URL) of your server either directly from us or your WICE administrator.

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Add the WICE-URL as a bookmark (Firefox) or favorite (Internet Explorer) in your browser, so you can easily remember the address and you can simply reach your WICE login.

Now enter the name of your mandant in the field "Mandant" and add your user name and password. Finally you confirm your entries by clicking on the "WICE Login" button. All of these necessary information for your successful login did you receive either from us or from your WICE administrator


All our WICE ASP clients are by default and automatically only accessible via "https". Thus the connection between you and your WICE database is 'secure' or safe from unwanted access from third parties, because all the data is received or sent via an SSL encryption, how for example all data in Online banking or Online store systems

Forgot your password?

No problem! You can at any time request a new password to be sent to the E-mail address stored in your profile. To do so click on "Forgot your password?" in the login screen and you will see a new mask where you must specify the email address stored in your WICE profile. You will immediately afterwards receive an email with a link that you must first confirm for security reasons to perform the password reset.

If you are the only user in your WICE installation and you forgot your password or the email address in your profile and requiring a new password does not solve the problem then please contact the support of WICE GmbH at support@wice.de.