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WICE inhouse

On this page you get answers to your questions around the operation of WICE in-house on your own server or leased hardware.

WICE-log file

There is an error log file on the WICE server. This file can be viewed with the following command:

tail-f / home/wice/log/error_log

Errors occur during the operation of WICE, so should be added to this log file where you can find more information.

As a general rule when operating the WICE server: if there is an error in WICE having a look in the error log file should be considered as a first option and to find the cause of the error. Mostly the solution of the problem arises from it directly. For more details please have a look in the WICE installation guide.

The following error message appears for example in the error log file:

[Wed Aug 24 15:03:13 2011] [error] Can't locate params/Validate.pm...

This error message means that the WICE server cannot find the file "Params/Validate.pm". The solution is therefore quite obvious: this file must be installed.

If you want to know how to install packages from your Linux, UNIX or MacOSX distribution, please refer to the documentation of your operating system. Linux distributions provide different tools for this such as E.g. "yast" (SuSE), "yum" (RedHat, CentOS, Fedora) or "apt-get" (debian).

By the way not every entry that is written to the error log file, actually is a real error. There are only hints (e.g.: when sending emails in particular WICE functions) or harmless warnings that do not restrict the operation of WICE and require no action. To identify the source of an error you should always open the error log file trying to reproduce a bug in WICE. Only if at this moment an entry is added in the log file, it will be a real error indeed.

WICE LDAP connector

The WICE-LDAP-connector is part of WICE version 3.4 and higher. With the help of the freely available LDAP server slapd can extend the WICE Server LDAP service. The WICE LDAP service enables LDAP-based adress clients such as MS Outlook,XPhone or Mozilla to connect. The LDAP client (E.g. MS Outlook) is configured to access the WICE LDAP server, so the client can access the WICE address database. Thus, the WICE server acts as a directory.

With the help of E.g. XPhone and the WICE-LDAP-connector, a CTI-solution ("computer telephony integration") is implemented. The built-in caller ID to access the WICE address database and also the marking and dial phone numbers from WICE is then possible via hotkeys. If you have further questions, contact the WICE support at support@wice.de and we will send you the WICE-LDAP-connector-Guide.

Requirements to update to WICE X


An update to WICE-X should only be carried out on an installation running version WICE-7 or WICE-7.5