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The address database is the heart of a Customer Relationship Management. The quality of the addresses is of crucial importance for the success of CRM.

Address categories

Addresses can be segmented by different address-categories.

Basic categories / types of addresses

WICE cloud based CRM distinguishes between four different address types that can`t be changed. You will find these in the first pull down menu in the addresses module.

Screenshot: Basic address types

All four address types have different properties and consequently different input fields in the respective address masks and offer different functions that are associated with the addresses. Under the address type "Company" we understand any business contact that is in any form associated with your company E.g. customers, suppliers, partners, prospects, etc.

The address type "Contact person" refers to individual persons who are employed at the companies and therefore they are in most cases linked with a company address - but Contact persons can also be entered without beeing assigned to a company.

"Employees" however, are your colleagues with whom you are working in your company.

The address type "Private" is intended, for purely private addresses, which are accessible to only the individual user who is logged in under the respective account.


The basic categories are predefined and in contrast to the other categories in WICE cloud based CRM these are non-retractable.

The sorting in the pull down menu is in an alphabetical order. As a default setting, when entering the addresses module, "Company"-addresses on the list of the basic address types are displayed.

When selecting only the first category (Company, Contact persons, Employees, Private), to get all addresses of this type to be displayed in alphabetical order. Here, the information specific for this address type is displayed according to the selected type.

Freely definable address categories

For the basic address types Company, Contact persons and Employees are four configurable address category groups (filters) available, which you can use to flexibly categorize towards your needs.

Screenshot: Quick selection option according to the freely definable category groups

Each category group can contain as many categories as needed. With the quick selection option at the top of the window, you can select certain address groups. To do this select the desired category entries, and then click on "Go".

Please keep in mind that you can only choose one attribute per category in this view, although an entry can be assigned to multiple attributes within the same category! Use the module "Campaigns" to create such an address list.

Smile orange.png

If you move with the mouse pointer in the address module over the company's or contact categories, or in the ticket module over the ticket categories or in the project module over the project categories or in the project detail view over the drop down menus, the title of each category appears in a small tool-tip window.

By clicking on the << >> arrows at the bottom of the window of the address list you will get to the next or to the previous page of the listed entries. You can also directly click a number to skip several pages. The active number is colored in black to indicate the page on which you currently are.


Your WICE administrator can define in the administration which address fields are shown by default in each list view of the company, contact-person, and employee addresses!

When you click on a company name on the list the detail view of the selected entry appears. When you click on an existing email address WICE opens your email client linked by default to this user account and when you click on a phone number, your linked softphone application can be opened via the setting configurable in the administration of WICE.

If you have the general right to export addresses from WICE, then the optional link to list all addresses is displayed. So this offers you the possibility to list all addresses in a single list without changing the pages and you can use this feature to print it via your browser directly.

Adding a new Address

Click on "New entry" and you will get to the input form to create a new address:

Screenshot: Input form for new address

Here, you can enter the company-specific data in the input fields. Input fields marked with a grey box are indicated as mandatory. These must necessarily be filled. Otherwise, your address can not be added.


Please note that from WICE release 7.5 onwards also individuals in WICE can not only be added as a Company address with the respective associated contacts can be captured, but also directly as Contact persons without to be assigned to a company.

For each address, you can include a company logo that is displayed as a thumbnail in the address list view and in a larger version in the address detail view. You can either directly add an URL for the logo in the field "Company logo" or insert a suitable logo for example from a XING profile by drag and drop. Alternatively, a search function is available. It opens in a new window and searches the Internet using the company name and other criteria to find a matching logo. You can then select from the 5 best results a matching logo after completing the search, which is then automatically added.

Optionally, you can define an address as a delivery address in the field "Delivery address". To do this, you must enter the company name in the search box and WICE shows the matching search results and you can then select the desired address out of the list with the search results. This delivery address is then shown as an additional address when creating chance-based documents in tickets assigned to this address. You can change the address at any time later by running the search again and assignment another address.

When entering the E-Mail and URL address in the respective fields in the correct form you can click on the address to send an email directly from here or click on the URL to open the home page.

Screenshot: Lower part of the form of a new company address

By setting the "Status", you have the possibility to lock this address. Select a status and enter the reason for locking the address in the underlying field "Status remarks". A locked address is not only displayed for your information, but also means that this address is not considered in the selection of address lists, i.e. for the creation of mailings etc.! In the address list and the detail view a "Locked" - icon is displayed so that any user immediately sees that this address has been locked.

The customer number assignment is done automatically, which means that it can not be manually assigned.

In the field turnover the total revenue will be shown which you have realized with this address/customer. Therefore the sum of all closed opportunities is displayed here. You can not enter any turnover values here which is why this field is no longer available to be filled manually and only shown in the address detail view.

In the "VAT Number" field, if known, you can store the information for this customer or supplier. This can be inserted then, optionally, in chance-based documents.

Assigning the address categories is vital for your address quality. This helps you with the segmentation of the addresses. Addresses with specific categories can easily be selected for E-Mailings or printed mailings that can be created within the campaigns module. Furthermore you can find these categorized addresses easier by selecting them in the address list view. The address categories are generally adjustable and are set by your administrator. The already selected category entries are shown inside each category window to make it easier for you to get an overview if there are multiple assignments within each category.

In addition, you can add remarks to any address in the text box provided for this purpose. Additional input fields you need to use for providing additional information for your addresses, can be set up by your system administrator as custom fields.

To assign an address only to a specific user group, you can assign each entry to one or more groups of owners. To do this, click on an existing user group to select it. The already selected category entries are shown inside each category window to make it easier for you to get an overview if there are multiple assignments for the owner of this entry. The address is then only visible to the users of the associated group(s) or can be only edited or deleted by users with the required rights.


Only the user groups to which you are assigned to are displayed here. If no group is selected, the address is visible for all users. Any existing entry may also have other owner groups, who however can not be modified by you.

Finally click on "Save" to add your new address and you will see the detail view of your new address.

Duplicate check

After adding a new address, WICE may come up with the information, that your new address already exists in the system and this screen is displayed:

Screenshot: Selection of potential duplicates for your new address

Now, if the address that you added really is a new address, you can select "New" and your new address is saved as a new entry in the system. If you select the option "Merge", so that the existing address is merged with your new input (contact persons will not be merged but added). Warning: choose this option only if you are certain about the results, otherwise information could be lost!

As a third option, you can choose the option "DB address", your entries will be discarded and your new address will not be stored and you can continue to work with the already existing address.

Address search

You can search for addresses in many ways.

Screenshot: Overview of the possibilities of the search in the address range

Searching via address categories

If you want to display addresses of all existing companies (e.g. customers, prospects,suppliers, partners, etc.), select "company" as address type in the first drop down menu. Ignore any of the other pull down menu's for the address categories. Now click on the "Go"button. You will get all company addresses listed or depending in which address type you are, listed all contact persons or employees etc.

By using the pull down menu's with the address categories you have the possibility to select addresses by the assigned category attributes. You have already assigned these attributes to the addresses while adding or importing your addresses.

You can sort and list addresses according to different categories, as for example all company's marked as customers, potential customers, suppliers, partners, or by the products and services or in combination only all addresses marked as customers limited to certain areas etc. depending on which attributes you have available in your categories.

The available category attributes has your administrator previously added to the needs of your company so if you need any changes or additions to them you will have to contact him.

Searching for a company name or customer number

To directly search for a company name or customer number use the search box "Search for:". Just enter the company name or the customer number and the results of your search will be displayed when you click the "Go" button.


If you find here for example the company "123-Test GmbH" and enter in the search box only "123", then, WICE interprets this as customer number and the desired address may not be found. In this case, you need to supplement your search through the "%" sign as a wild card, so enter "123 %" in the search box. Then the corresponding entry as a result of the search will be displayed.

Alphabetical search

In the address module, you have the ability to display addresses alphabetically. Simply click the desired letter in the alphabet list displayed below the list of addresses. The corresponding address records are displayed immediately.

Advanced search

To search in any available address field click on advanced search. Now, you get a similar mask as for entering a new address. You can here enter any combination of search criteria in these fields. All search results with the appropriate search term will be displayed. In this way, you can search in your address data with the most varied combinations of criteria. To the execute your search, click the button "Search" either underneath the field for the company name or at the bottom of the screen.

Smile orange.png

With all types of search methods, your search criteria can be stored as your individual WICE-Views on your Dashboard to have them ready for frequent use when needed. Find more information about setting up WICE-Views in the chapter "Dashboard"

Working with addresses

If you want to edit an address, i.e. make changes in the address data. Click on the name of the address that you want to change. You now see the detail view of the address.

Screenshot: Detail view of an address

Smile orange.png

If an entry for a link to an external map provider is stored in the administration of your WICE client, then a map view for this address is displayed in the detail view. By clicking on the map, a new browser window opens and puts you right into the map view for this address.

History of changes

With this feature, a user with administrator rights can undo any changes to an address. To do this click on the button "History of changes". It opens a window with an overview of the recent changes applied to this address. In the columns displayed, you see the time stamp, the user name, when the change was made and the information that has been changed and the old and new values before and after any changes. You can undo all or selected changes and with a click on the button "Revert selected changes" revert them.

Please note that this function is only available to users with administrator rights!

Editing an address

To edit an address click on the "Edit" Button. Now, you can make the desired changes in the appropriate fields. In addition to the changes of the basic address information, you also have here the possibility to assign other address attributes to the categories.

You can also lock an address with an indication of the status, as well as general remarks can be added. Once you have completed your changes, click on the Save button on the bottom of the window.

You will then return to the detail view of this address.


In the detail view of an address and of a contact person you will find the information which user has made the last active changes to this entry and the information when the database record was last updated. Please note that

"Last address edit action:" means that a WICE user has changed the entry, E.g. by editing the address, or performing an import with activated update function, or by changing the category configuration.

"Last database entry update" means that the DB entry was changed. This can happen by cronjobs, manual adjustments to the DB etc., which are not directly linked to user actions during editing an address manually, but also through actions from plugins

Deleting an address

When deleting an address you have the option to use the trash bin before permanently deleting an address. Your system administrator has set up the attribute "Trash" or "Trash bin" in the first company address category and when deleting an address it is tagged with this attribute. Only if the administrator empties the trash bin, all the addresses from this category are finally deleted. If there is no attribute for the trash bin is set up, the address will be directly deleted.

To delete addresses the necessary user rights need to be assigned to you or your user group in the Administration - otherwise the delete button or the trash icon is not available!

Please keep in mind that you can not undo a deletion!

Click on the Delete Icon/Trash Bin. The address will be deleted. You will return automatically to the main view of the address module.

Copying addresses

You can create a copy of any existing address. To do this, click on the copy button in the address detail view. This creates an identical copy of the address. To indicate that this is a copy of an existing address the extension "(COPY)" is added to the name of the address. You can now edit this copied address e.g. rename it etc. as usual.

Address relations

You can define unlimited relations between your company addresses which are then alternately displayed for the associated addresses. Your WICE administrator has already created the categories for this relations to select from.

To create a new relation, go to the address detail view of the address where you want to add the relation and click on blue arrow next to "New address relation". The mask is extended to this view:

New address relation.png
Screenshot: Creatina a new address relation

First select the desired category for this form of relation from the menu and then search in the search box for the address to associate with this entry. Your search results are limited depending on the matching criteria found. Select the address in the list of your search results and then click on it, so that it is applied to the field. Click now on Save to save the new address relation.

Address relations.png
Screenshot: Detail view of an address with several assigned address relationships

Your newly created address relation is now displayed in a table as well as in a graphic of all the entries associated with this address. The graphic is automatically generated or updated. By clicking on the name of the address in the graphic or table the address detail view of the associated address appears.

You can create as many more address relations for this address as needed. You can delete existing address relations at any time by clicking on the "trash-bin" icon at the respective address relation. A prompt is displayed which you must confirm to permanently delete the relation.

Contact Persons

Generally contact persons are always linked to a company address because these are the people who work at the company they are linked with and can therefore be assigned to tickets and appointments or projects created for their company address.

But you can create contact persons not only linked to a company's address but from WICE release 7.5 onward also as individuals without an assignment to a company address. Please keep in mind that no tickets or project can be created for contact persons but only for company addresses. Contact persons that are not linked to company addresses can of course be assigned to ticket notes.

In the tab "CP" (Contact person) at a company address you see the overview of all contact persons assigned to a company address or in the module "Addresses" you can by selecting the address type "Contact person" see a list of all contact persons available.

Contactperson overview.png
Screenshot: Overview of all contact persons assigned to a company address

Here you see at a glance the contact persons assigned to this company optionally with their photo when deposited and showing their E-Mail address, telephone and fax numbers, as well as other important information such as their position or the division where they are working.

With the VCard button you can create a .vcf file for this contact person to be added in your personal local address book depending on which application is linked with this data format on your computer.

You can also click on the E-Mail address of a contact person and your selected E-Mail client for WICE opens automatically. The corresponding address of the contact person will be entered automatically. With this feature you can easily create and send an E-Mail to the selected contact person.

When you click on a phone number your (supported) phone application will be activated, if the settings to use this option have been assigned in the WICE administration.

If you click on the name of a contact person the detail view of the contact person is shown offering further options.

Contact Person detail view

When you click on the name of a contact person in the list of contact persons at a company address you will get to this view:

Detailview cp.png
Screenshot: Detail view of a contact person

Here you see the individual details of the contact person, as well as the assigned categories for this contact person which have been associated. Also the serial salutaion, if entered, will be displayed.

When available you can directly access the profile of the contact at the social network XING.

By clicking on "Show other entries that are linked with contact person XXX" the related listing overview appears showing all entries i.e. appointments, ticket notes and projects where this contact person was assigned to as the relevant contact.

You will also see when and by which user this entry was last recently edited.


In the detail view of an address and of a contact person you will find the information which user has made the last active changes to this entry. Please note that "Last update:" means that a WICE user has changed the entry, E.g. by editing the address, or performing an import with activated update function, or by changing the category configuration.

You can go back to the overview of all contact persons for this address by clicking on the button "[Contact overview: Company Name]" or by clicking on the company name.

Notes for Contact Persons

Click on the "NOT." tab to go to the overview of all notes deposited for this contact.

Notes cp.png
Screenshot: Overview of all notes for a contact person

You can create new notes for this contact, similar to an address here. To do this, click on the button "New note" and the mask to enter a note appears.


It is generally advisable for a note to a contact person who is associated with a company address to enter this note at the notes tab at the company address and then to associate it with the respective contact person.

You can also create a printed document for the contact person in this mask. To do this, click on "New document" and it appears the following form:

Newtemplate cp.png
Screenshot: Mask for the selection of a document template

Now select the desired template from the list of available templates in your client.


Please note that this template, so that you can select it here, was created for the address type "Contact person", because other placeholders for the address fields in the template must be used than within a template linked with a company address

Depending on whether the desired template contains so-called custom variables, these are displayed here and you can fill the template directly with content. If your template contains no custom variables, you can create it directly by clicking "Create document" and it appears the following form:

Document creation cp.png
Screenshot: Options to open or save the created document

The document can now either be stored as a new note for this contact person and is so available for further processing, or can be downloaded directly to your computer and opened there. If you click on Go to address view this will take you to the overview of all notes for this company address.

Documents for Contact Persons

In the tab "Documents" for a contact person all documents that are associated with this contact person are listed:

Documents tab cp.png
Screenshot: Display of all documents associated with a contact

You can here browse all existing documents, as in the documents tab of a company address, using the the media categories as a filter, and send these optionally by email. Click on the envelope icon next to "Send documents by email" and it appears the following view:

Documents send cp.png
Screenshot: Mask for the selection of documents to be send by email

Select the documents to be send by checking the check box before each document that you wish to enclose. Optionally, you can store the outgoing email in an already existing ticket for the assigned company address. The email with the documents will be stored there in a new ticket note.

When you have finished your selection, then click on Compose email and the mask to create a new email will be displayed. Enter the recipients address and the other necessary information in the provided fields - the selected documents are already included as attachments - but you can of course manually add more attachments. Click when you have finished creating, on Send mail and the email is sent and optionally stored as a ticket note.

Same person relations

In the contact person detail view click on the tab "Same person" and it appears the following view:

Sameperson cp.png
Screenshot: Mask to create a relation between the same contact persons

Here you can now establish a link for the same contact persons which are associtated with different company addresses. This is used to indicate that contact persons that are stored on different company addresses, yet are the same person.

To create such a link, first find the desired person in the search box, and then select the person from the list of search results. Click on the button Save and the person is now included in the list of linked contact persons.

Click on "Remove link" to delete such a link at any time.

Adding a new contact person

If you want to create a new contact person click on New contact person in the list of contact persons of a company address or if you want to create a contact person without assigning it to a company address change in the address module to the address type "Contact person" and then click here on New entry:

Contactperson new.png
Screenshot: The upper part of the screen to create a new contact person with the options to store the private contact persons information

Enter the required details to create the new contact person, such as title, full name, telephone (optionally additional phone numbers), fax and e-mail address here. To create a serial salutation for a mailing or a document template, fill the corresponding entry fields, depending on the gender of the person. In the field "Company" you will to which company address the contact person is assigned to. When you create a new contact person directly from a company address, then the contact person is automatically linked to the company you selected. This can be changed at any time or completely deleted, if a contact person has left the company.

You can also add, by extending the mask by clicking on the blue triangle, any private address information for each contact person. This is also the general address for a contact person without an assigned company.

Contactperson new2.png
Screenshot: Middle part of the mask to create a new contact person

You can also insert a link to the profile of the contact person at the social network XING here. Simply copy the URL in the to field. Keep in mind that this link allows only's profile from XING, if they have not been marked as private by the xing member.

Optionally, you can add a picture of the contact person here. To do this you must either insert the URL of the image in the corresponding field or you can embed the image directly by drag & drop from a social network such as Facebook or XING. To do so simply drag the image by holding down the left mouse button from the profile of the contact person to this mask and it will be directly added.

You can also search for a matching image: click on image the Search imager button to receive suggestions from a direct Internet search which appears in a new window. Any image of the search resluts can be added directly here.

With the contact person categories, you have the possibility - similar to the company addresses - to select for example the position and/or department of the contact person within it`s company or assign any hobbies etc.

Input fields marked with a grey square are mandatory fields. This must be filled in, otherwise you can not save your entries.

The available attributes for the contact person categories, as also the available serial salutations, have been previously defined by your WICE administrator.

If the checkbox "Deactivated" is enabled this contact person will be excluded from any mailing participation. Also any additional fields are displayed, which are available for contact persons in your WICE client - and you can fill these according to your requirements. Any more additional fields can be easily added by your WICE administratior.

Finally, click on Save to add your new contact person and the detail view of the new contact person appears.


Please note that if you have created a new contact person, and you are in the detail view of this contact person you may switch to the company associated with the contact person by clicking on the company name. For a contact person that is not assigned to a company address a detail view does not exist and therefore you will be led to the the tab "General" of the respective contact person!

Editing a contact person

By clicking on the the edit button in the list of contact persons assigned to a company the edit mask appears.

Alternatively you can also enter the detail view of the contact person first that you want to edit and then click here on the edit button. After you have made the desired changes click on Save to apply these to this entry.


After you have selected the desired address from a list of addresses or via an address search, select the tab "Notes"(NOT.).

Address notes.png
Screenshot: List of notes for a company address

In this tab, you will see all of the notes that are assigned to the address. The number of deposited notes will be will also be displayed in the brackets in the title of the notes tab.

You can also in this section:
1.) directly create documents without linking them to a contact person or
2.) create documents with linking them to a contact person or
3.) create emails addressed to a contact persons assigned to this address which can be send, and automatically added as a new address note here.

1.) to produce a new document without addressing it to a contact person, click on "New document (w/o contact person)" and it appears the mask to choose the document template that you want to use. Now click on Create document. In the next dialogue you can then choose whether the document should be saved as a new note at the address or will be downloaded on your device.

2.) to create a new document to a particular contact person at this address, select "New document to" and the contact person from the list in the box and proceed then as described above.

3.) to send an email directly to one of the assigned contact persons for this address, select the contact from the list in the box "compose email to" then click on the envelope left of it and the mask of the WICE CommCenter to create an email opens, if this is configured in your profile, and you can compose the email and send it.

Back in the overview of the existing notes for the address, you see the date, the priority, the text of the note, as well as the chosen media category and the file that was optionally attached to the note. To open the file, click on the file that you want to open and decide in the dialog how you want to open the file or use it.

If you want to assign an address note to a ticket, then select one or more notes by activating the relevant check boxes and then select the ticket from the list of the tickets already created for this address from the drop-down menu at the end of the list and then click on Transfer selected entries to ticket. The selected note(s) are now added as new ticket note to the ticket. Please keep in mind that to be able to convert address notes to ticket notes, at least one ticket must be already existing for this address, otherwise this feature is not available!


Please note that if an address has participated in a printed or emailing the mailing will be added automatically (or optionally with a printed mailing). Also incoming emails received via the WICE CommCenter oder Thunderbird Connector can be added as ticket notes and later assigned to a ticket!

Adding a new address note

To enter a new address click on New note and the mask to add a new note appears:

Newaddress note.png
Screenshot: Mask to create a new address note

By selecting the media category from the drop down list you specify the contact type of the note - if it is either for example a memo, a letter or an incoming or outgoing email. The available types of media category´s can be specified to your need by your WICE administrator. In the input box the path is displayed, in which the document resides.

In the field "note", you can enter the description of the not. This description is then displayed in the overview of all address notes for the selected address and in the list of your hold files in the dashboard.

You can now optionally create a hold file from this note for yourself or another particular employee in your company. To do this, enable the check box "Create holdfile" and select the desired person from the list.

Select an appropriate priority from 1 to 10, as well as the date when this hold file should be done.

The note then appears in the list of hold files in the hold files tab of the dashboard of the wser that has been assigned for this task.

You can also assign a contact person to associate this note with. Either use the quick selection listing all the contact persons assigned to this address. if you want to assign any other contact person that is in your address database you can use the interactive search by just entering the first few letters of the last name of the contact person. WICE then will automatically display any matching results. Click on the name in the list of the desired contact person, to assign it to this note.


The desired contact person doesn't have to be assigned to the address of this note, but can be any contact person that is in your address database!

You can optionally enter an amount of time using the hours and minutes field to save the expenditure of time for this note.

If you don`t want that the assigned employee receives an additional E-Mail notification for this note, select the corresponding check box "No email notification".

Finally, click on Save to create your new address note.

The newly created note appears immediately in the Notes tab of the assigned address.

Editing an address note

If you want to edit an existing note, click on the Edit button at the desired note. The mask to edit the appears in the window and you can make your desired changes and settings and then click on Save.


All active tickets assigned to a company address are displayed in this tab:

Addresses tickets.png
Screenshot: Overview of all active tickets that have been assigned to an address

You can either create new tickets here or in the ticket module. We recommend creating them via an existing address because then the ticket is automatically linked with the respective address. have the possibility to create new operationsthat operations in the same module or under "Adressen|Operations tab"create new, edit, or delete, and we recommend the operations starting from an address to apply.

Smile orange.png

You can get more information about the individual ticket and the last ticket note by moving your mouse pointer over the ticket subject – a window with more informations about the ticket and the last ticket note will be displayed.

Here you can see at a glance all tickets for this this address with an indication of the current status, the date, the ticket subject and of the assigned employee. The turnover of the respective tickets divided into the columns turnover, costs and profit are displayed as also their totals for all tickets at the end of the listing.

If you also want to display the closed tickets, please activate the checkbox "Show closed tickets". Then also all tickets with this status will be displayed in the list.

Creating a new ticket

To create a new task, click on New ticket. The input mask to create a new ticket will be displayed.

For more information about the creation of a ticket please click here:Tickets


This tab shows you an overview of all invoices created for this address and any payments received from this customer.

Screenshot: The account tab offers you an overview of all invoices or payments of an address

In the field "customer discount", you can enter a percentage value. This value will then automatically be discounted on every article entered when creating opportunities in a ticket assigned to this address. So you can assign a general discount for all items ordered by this customer. After you have entered the value in the field, click on Save to apply your changes.

For customers with registered offices abroad, you can activate the check box "set tax=0 by default". This option will set the value for the value added tax for each selected article - added as an oppurtunity in a ticket - automatically to "0". This is helpful when adding new articles for a customer without having to manually change the tax for each item. Click here to activate the check box and to enable the option, and then click om Save to apply the changes. Please note that changing this setting will not affect any already existing chances.

In the first part of the mask you see the created invoices. Unpaid amounts are displayed in the column "Credit" in red and have a leading minus. Please keep in mind that replaced invoices will not affect the customer credit balance. Payments by the customer, that are assigned to the replaced invoice instead of the invoice correction do count in the customer balance.

By clicking on the account number in the No. column the assigned invoice in the PDF format can be displayed depending on your settings or the usage of the WICE Media Assistant plugin. A choice of options is displayed how you want to proceed with the file - you can send it for example optionally directly by fax or letter via our partner or open it directly in the browser or in the default application. By clicking on the number in the column ticket the corresponding overview of the ticket notes appear where the invoice was originally created.

By clicking on "REPLACE", you can create a corrected invoice. After you create a corrected invoice it will appear in the column "Revisited by" and the amount or the credit balance will be updated if necessary and the corrected invoice entries will be displayed as crossed out.

At the bottom of the screen, you will receive an overview of all incoming payments.

Screenshot: Overview of incoming payments for an address

Here you can see date the payment has been added, the account to which the payment was assigned and any remarks, if it was a partial payment or a 1st rate etc, and the respective amounts.


An overview of all open items and unpaid invoices in your system, is available in the module "Sales"

Adding a new payment

If you want to add a new payment now, click on [Register incoming payment] and the mask to add a new payment appears:

Screenshot: Mask to add a new payment

Enter the date when the payment was received, by default today`s date will be assigned. In the drop-down menu select the appropriate invoice number and the total sum of the invoice will automatically be added in the amount field. If the payment differs from the full amount of the invoice, you can change the amount manually. In the text field "Remarks" you can enter further comments on this payment, if e.g. only a partial payment was revceived. By enabling the check box "Invoice is fully paid by this payment." you can not assign further payments for this invoice, unless you edit or erase the payment!

Click now on Save to save your new payment.

Then you will return to the account tab and your payment has been successfully added. In addition the payment was also registered in the overall list of all the incoming payments, which can be found in the "Sales" module.

If you need to change a payment later, click on the Edit button next to the desired entry. The mask to edit the payment will be opened and you can enter your changes and afterwards click on Save to apply your changes.


All projects assigned to an address are displayed in the projects tab. Here you get an overview of the projects associated with this address.

Addresses projects.png
Screenshot: View of all projects assigned to an address in the projects tab

Please keep in mind that you can create new projects only the in the "Projects" module. You will see the project title, category, supervisor and begin an end date of each project. By clicking on a project title you will get to the detail view of the project switching to the project module.

Editing projects

By clicking on a project you will get to the detail view of the desired project where you can get all the related information and make any changes. For further information about the functions and feature in the project module please click here Projects


This tab shows all appointments associated with this address. You will see here the location and any resources booked along with the appointments.

Addresses appt.png
Screenshot: Overview of all appointmens for the selected address

Via the button "iCal" in front of each respective date, you can export the appointment directly in the iCal format to your local calendar. By clicking on it the application associated with the iCal format will start automatically.

You can create also create a new visiting report for each appointment by clicking on the visting button icon. This will lead you directly to the mask to create the visiting report.

Smile orange.png

If you move your mouse pointer over the title of an appointment in the list, a new window opens with a tool tip opens automatically offering additional information about the appointment.

Click on the title of the appointment to go to the detail view of the appointment in the calendar modile. For any more inforamtion about the features of the calendar module please click here: Appointments

By default only forthcoming appointment will be displayed here - if you want to also display appointments that have already taken place, activate the checkbox "Show past appointments" and these appointments will also be displayed.

To create a new appointment assigned with this this address, click pn the button New appointment to enter the mask to create a new appointment. The selected address is then automatically assigned to the appointment.


In this tab you will find all documents or files that were associated with this address.

Addresses doc.png
Screenshot: All documents/files listed associated with this address

The documents may come from an address note, a ticket note or a project task. With the corresponding column "Section" you can trace the origin of the documents. With the pull down menu, you can select if you want only display documents assigned with a specific media category, e.g. all offers, invoices, emails or visiting reports. You also see the date and time when the document was filed or produced.

To be able to display the documents according to the media category this must be assigned accordingly when adding the document or file.

If you click on the document title in the "File" column, the file will be opened in the associated application, or you can download it as an additional option. If the document was added for example as a ticket note, by clicking on "Ticket note" in the column Section you will get to the overview of all ticket notes in the ticket where the document or the file has been added.

Select all files that are shown here to send those collected via email to any recipient. To do this, click the envelope button "send documents via email". Now you can choose from the available files. You can optionally select that also all HTML and TXT files will be display, Also select a ticket in which the email should be deposited as a new ticket note. If you have selected the desired files, click on compose email and you enter the mask to create a new email where the previously selected files have already been attached.