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In the Resources module, you can manage any inventory. These assets can be objects (vehicles, training rooms, video equipment...) but also persons (freelancers, consultants...). Through a flexible booking system you have here the possibility to allocate these resources. Have you clicked on 'Resources' in the toolbar, you will get the overview of todays bookings.

Ressis ov.png
Screenshot: Daily overview of the resources

To see the resources to be allocated, on the left side. Have used a resources filter settings of the module "Profile" tab, you will be shown automatically only the resources of the associated category. List box, you can view further requested resources by specific categories.

You can also define a fixed filter by you after you have chosen the desired filter, click the button "save filter as default" button. If you have selected no separate preference in your profile, then the saved filter category is called during the next call to the module.

You have the choice of a daily, weekly, and monthly view of the bookings. Depending on the view a filter for the available month or the desired year in the monthly view or the calendar weekr in the weekly view is available.

Smile orange.png

In any calendar view you can create at any time a WICE-view for your requirements - i.e. resource filters and select of a period of time, which is then directly accessible in your WICE views on your dashboard

See the postings here colored according to the defined event categories stored. To explain the colors and categories as a legend will be displayed. This is a better overview and distinction. A reservation without appointment category selection, made the booking in neutral color is displayed. In this view, click a desired resource, so you get another window with information and editing capabilities to the resource.

Editing resources

To edit a resource, click on the resource that you want to edit and then click on [Edit item]. In the following window, you can make your changes and then click on Save to save your changes.

Deleting resources

If you want to delete a resource, cklick on the resource to be deleted and then click on [Delete item].


Keep in mind here that you can not undo a deletion!

You will receive a confirmation prompt. If you really want to delete, click OK. The resource has been deleted.

Creating new resources

If you want to create a new inventory, so click on "New booking inventory item" and you will see the following window:

Ressis neu.png
Screenshot: Mask to create a new inventory

After you have entered the name select a to associate category from the list box. Under description, you store other important information, such as for example technical details. Finally, click on Save to create the new item.

Booking resources

Now, you want to book a resource at a given time, so click on new reservation. You will know this mask from adding a new appointment in the WICE Calendar module. Fill in the required fields and select the resource to be booked. To create your booking click on Save

Smile orange.png

You must complete only the immediately necessary information in this mask to reserve a resource - for questions about this mask, check the Calendar section of the WICE-wiki!

Overlapping bookings

If you have created a reservation, which overlaps with the resource and date of one another booking, you will receive a message. Your booking will not be made in this case. You must first solve the conflict existing with your reservation request, and then perform the reservation again.