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General settings for the program will be carried out in the WICE Administrationn module. This is usually done by your WICE-administrator. The right to access the administration will be in ususally allocated only to individual users. It is treated independently of any of the other group rights.


Please note that it is not useful to give each employee an access to this module. Usually only your WICE administrator has access. Please also note that a user with administrative rights has also possibly further rights to the basic functionality of WICE.

As WICE administrator, you have the possibility to configure the system, import data, add, edit or delete delete user accounts and to configure any installed plug-ins here. Click on "Admin" in the WICE menu bar and the following window is displayed:

Screenshot: Overview of all Administration features

Please keep in mind that this view may vary depending on the system configuration. In particular in the section "Plugins" only the plugins installed in your system appear.

Main menu of the Administration

The following menu items are available to configure your WICE system:

Categories / filter


Create the categories for the addresses, tickets, statuses, resources, projects, and project tasks here. Using these categories, then various selections can be made: Categories

Default filters

Preferences with regard to the filter settings for certain modules can be made here. So by choosing these default settings here these are automatically displayed E.g. when opening a module. Default filters

Business line categories 2

Here you can manage the subcategories for the business line categories that you have created for the business line categories 1 in the categories section. Business line categories 2

Status-filter links

Here you can limit the availability of filters/categories on specific statuses in the ticket module. Status-filter links

General configuration

Mandatory fields

Here you can specify which fields must be necessarily completed by the user when entering new addresses, contact persons or tickets: Mandatory fields

Custom fields

You can define custom fields here that can be used in company, contact person and employee addresses: Custom fields

PDF print configuration

This menu item is used to select a font for the printing of PDF documents PDF print configuration

Addresses main view

Here you can select each column to be displayed in the main(lis) view of the company, contact person and employee addresses: Addresses main view

Main menu

You can define here which modules and plugins should be displayed in the main menu. The appearance of the main menu items is independent of the access rights of the users. For more informations click here: Main menu


You can use this feature to display all users a message after logging in: Admin Disclaimer

More system settings

More important system settings can be managed here: More system settings

Module configuration

Voting Manager

Here you can configure the votings for the news column on the dashboard: Voting Manager

Article Manager

In this menu you can create new articles and manage your existing article: Article Manager

Price lists

In this menu, you can create price lists in PDF format directly from the WICE article manager: Price lists

Workflow Manager

In this menu, you can define the workflows integrated in the WICE ticket module. Workflow Manager

Invoice print manager

Here you define the template for printing chance based documents. Invoice print manager


Connection speed

Here you can monitor the performance of your internet connection with WICE. Connection speed

WICE access statistics

Here you can see which modules and functions are most commonly accessed by the WICE users: WICE access statistics

Login statistics

Interested in knowing when and how long your users were logged in - the login statistics will answer this question. Login statistics


Address Import (CSV)

Hereby you can import address data in comma separeted value - format (CSV) to WICE. Addresses import (CSV)

Address-import (Excel)

To comfortably import addresses using Excel spreadsheets by using this feature: Address-import (Excel)

Archive old mails

Here, you can control the archiving of older emails.

Empty address trash category

With this feature all the addresses assigned to the trash bin category can be removed permanently from the system.

History of changes

Hereby you can look up and revert changes in addresses and tickets. History of changes


Here you can see a list of all your installed plugins. Plugins are either activated via the Super Administration for the respective clients or can be directly ordered for OnDemand customers.

Add ons

Order new add-on / plugin

Order new add-on / plugin

User accounts

LDAP authentication

Here you can configure the user authentication using LDAP. Find out more here: LDAP authentication

Add user / order new user

Here you can create new users that you if you exceed your user limit you can directly order through our integrated online order system: Add user

User overview

This menu gives you an overview of all users set up in the system. From there, you can delete or edit any user and provide individual users with access to the administration and the right to export addresses. User overview

Group permissions

Click here to learn about how to configure and set up the user rights:Group permissions

Plugin permissions

Click here to set up the access control to all installed plugins for your user groups:Plugin permissions

Fast access options to users, user profiles and mail accounts

Editing a certain user

Here you can enter a user name for editing a certain user directly

Editing a certain user profile

Here you can edit directly the user profile for a certain user.

Editing Mail accounts of a certain user

Enter the user name to directly edit the mail account of a certain user.